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When we're not on stage throwin' down the funny you can find us at our day jobs... 

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As well as being a long time Stand Up and Improv comedian Jedd is an author, speaker and Emotional Intelligence expert. Hafer has been training professionals to keep their cool in intense situations for over 20 years. He is a national presenter for the Love and Logic Institute ® and has trained educators and staff in 46 states & 7 countries in skills to avoid power struggles, resolve conflict and prevent escalation.

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In 2020, he founded Mission-Peace, a professional training collaborative to bring the best live training to professionals – especially leaders and authority figures while simultaneously working with the community (especially youth) to teach Respectful Engagement.

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The best de-escalators in the world employ very specific skills and strategies. Jedd Hafer’s mission is to share these skills and strategies with law enforcement & other authority figures in fun and memorable ways (he also performs in comedy clubs and knows the power of laughter and funny stories).

His clientele includes USAF, Department of Corrections, Department of Youth Corrections, Police & Sheriff’s Departments, School Districts, Security Teams and Professional Athletes.

For the Law Enforcement community, Mission-Peace specializes in live, group training with an emphasis on learnable Emotional Intelligence (EQ) skills designed to prevent crisis interactions and use of force. If you are good at verbal de-escalation and building rapport, Mission-Peace will make you better and help you be more intentional.

Jedd turned his love for peace to the radio waves and podcasts, interviewing and teaching that LOVE IS the answer and that Peaceful resolutions should always be sought.

For other professionals, Jedd Hafer and his team offer customizable presentations around Emotional Intelligence, Self-regulation Skills and skills to reach difficult or angry individuals.

For businesses:

  • Improve your customer satisfaction by giving employees real strategies to remain cool and calm


  • Take your customer service or crisis management to the next level with practical Emotional Intelligence skills.


  • Add Emotional Intelligence to the menu of professional training you offer your employees.


  • Train your people to be better with people – in all areas

If you need a speaker or trainer, Jedd Hafer and his team will work with your team – with guaranteed results!

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Questions or bookings, please call 719.310.3628

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