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"Oxymorons, Extremely funny and very professional. 100% crowd pleasers!"

Erik Hawkinson, Owner

Loonees Comedy Corner


Oxymorons Comedy is an award-winning, clean and family friendly, Christ following, Stand-Up and (Whose Line is it Anyway) Improv comedy group dedicated to putting the joy of the Lord in people's hearts.


We do a lot of charity and fundraising work (almost $10,000 to local charities last year).


We don’t do “the church thing“ on stage.  We bless our audiences with laughter, showing them that our God is not just the God of “thou shalt nots“, but THE God of joy, love, laughter, Grace, forgiveness and salvation through His Son Jesus Christ. 

We perform for general audiences and also have our own "Joy of the Lord" performances with some short teaching and ministry for churches, youth groups and other! 


Contact us to find out more or tailor our show to YOUR needs OR, book us for your holiday office party, fundraiser, event or private party!

"You all killed it bringing the funny and really pleasing the club owner!"

Papi Sorrels

719co Promoter

"Oxymorons performed at our Global Missions auction and they were fabulous! Everyone enjoyed their performance and there were even a few tears shed due to people laughing so hard!"

Amy D.

Holy Cross Lutheran

"Extremely funny and refreshingly clean! Wonderfully energetic improv comedy!"

Clay Bowen

Clay Bowen Films

Trip & his Technicolor Dream Shirt logos


After a failed career as an underwater mime, Trip started a brilliant path as a world renowned model for Men's Bathroom Icons. Starting comedy in 1984 he's worked with Sinbad, Judy Tenuta, Emo, Paula Poundstone, Sam Kinison and more! Uhalt was an original and founding member of the Union Boulevard Irregulars, the House improv group for Jeff Valdez' Comedy Corner.


Trip gave his heart to Jesus at a Luis Palau Crusade in 1981 and today is bringing clean, Joy of the Lord comedy to audiences anywhere that pays with poultry!


A gifted athlete, Jedd Hafer was "All-Coast Almost" in junior varsity Tether-ball and an alternate on the US Olyophonic Beatboxing team (Sydney, 2000).

He began his comedy career in 1992, traveling to all but a few of the little, tiny states up in the top-right corner and working with comedians like Sinbad, Mitch Hedberg and Matt Iseman (American Ninja Warrior).

Jedd is committed to spreading love and joy and is fond of saying, “If I can make just one person laugh... I’ll have done better than Pauly Shore.”

Ryder logos Low.jpg


An aerospace engineer who studied theatre? Ryder Tam is just as confused as you are. While looking for the chemistry lab, Ryder accidentally walked onto the set for the French comedy Tartuffe, discovered a love of performance, and wandered out with a theatre minor. Since then, he has trained at IO Chicago and Second City, and has been performing improv and standup comedy since 2011.


"I think you can only truly appreciate and love the idiosyncrasies and ups and downs of life when you view it through the lens of comedy...That's why I'm passionate about comedy: It's a barrier-less way of reaching people, uplifting them, and making their day brighter. We were made with a sense of humor for a reason. That's off the top of my head, though, so don't quote me." -Ryder


Paul Cooke

Paul was asked repeatedly to write his bio.  He didn't.  So we've written one for him.  Paul will know better next time...


As the "pretty one" of the group Paul excels as a stage performer!  His background includes theater, voice and singing (in the shower), 30 second interpretive slam dancing at stop lights, is a proof reader at an alphabet soup factory and is the Heir Apparent to the kingdom of Barbequeville!


Paul is a long-time Believer in Jesus Christ, has a day job in ministry and is a bright spot in the Oxymoron's line up!

Tylor wLogo.jpg

Tylor Gardino

Tylor runs a Martial Arts Dojo and if things get out of hand at a show you can bet there'll be more than just the sound of people breaking out in laughter!  Tylor's background in theater and comedy is more than we can even think about listing here.  Tylor is married to a world class guitarist and also a new mom!  Here favorite things include quite walks in the rain... quiet rides in the countryside on the backs of Clydesdale's... quiet nights by the fire... Pretty much anything that involves "quiet"...

Tyler gave her life and love to Jesus and is a strong Believer with the desire to help others any time the opportunity arises.

Hunter wLogo.jpg

Hunter Willis

Hunter enjoys reading by the light of oncoming traffic.  He is also fond of pressing all the floor buttons in elevators just before stepping out, but not before singing a rousing chorus of "Hope You're Not In a Hurry" to the passengers.

Having been performing comedy and improv since the late 1900's he was instrumental in the startup of a few comedy groups.

Hunter is a wonderful husband, father and follower of Christ.

John wLogo.jpg

John Ashley

John is an avid yodeler (while he sleeps). We discovered this on our first overnight road trip with him... He is well known for both his jokes and floor covering knowledge. He's also a fanatical prank phone caller.  Often times, and quite by accident, calling and pranking himself.  Yeah, he's THAT good!

He's fast, funny and bald, but don't let his mild mannered appearance fool you. He's been know to make people laugh so hard they have torn things... internally!

John is a devoted husband, father and has been a Christ follower as long as he can remember. Or  the Nixon administration. 

Zach wLogo.jpg

Zach Harris

Zach is best known for being the actor most turned down for a part on Baywatch. He does own every episode and every season...on Betamax!  Zach is also a Cirque du Soleil alternate. He takes flight if any of the acrobats fall. "An unfortunate job, but one that needs doing!" says Harris.

Zach's comedy career dates back way farther than he looks.  He has founded and performed in numerous improv groups since the 90's, and now with Oxymorons Comedy. We are blessed to have him!

Being a long time Believer in Christ, Zach's humor is clever, clean, witty, funny and God-honoring.

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