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Oxymorons Comedy Auditions! Sep. 5th 6pm

Oxymorons Comedy is holding Auditions! Sept. 5th, 6:30p at Funky Little Theater, 1367 Pecan St. (south off Hwy 24 on 21st, half way uphill, behind the car wash).

Come dressed and ready to impress! We'll go through a number of improv bits and have a lot of fun!

If you or a friend is funny, over 21, with a heart for God with clean comedic Improv and/or Stand-Up comedy background and wit, or even Emcee experience we want to see you!

We're looking for committed people, not casual, hobby club enthusiasts. No beginners please. We'll be performing at least once per month with weekly practices!

We are all Christians blessing audiences with the gift of comedy and Joy of the Lord!

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